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I’m the happiest at home with my children

A new opportunity

Jorge¬īs Universe, in six chapters

Documentaries that portray the life of Buenos Aires

I AManda

The man who brought Evita back to Argentina

How is life as a doormen in Belgrano, Buenos Aires?

“Racing, or nothing”

“Tano” Vellutato: joy and competition

Nicol√°s S√°enz: running through the city

Emanuel, a charming singer

Marcela | The return to Argentina, part two

Pablo and Pasaje Soria

Accompany Christian to the ‘Parque Rivadavia’

Yoga teacher: Marcela, about her life and passion

Take a look into Anita’s world of fashion


26th March 2014 by sanne

Watch the backstage photos from our films!

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A ‘We ARE Buenos Aires’ party

11th March 2014 by Sabine van Ditzhuijzen

At the end of february we organized a WE ARE BUENOS AIRES party. Who was invited? All the people that helped us built this project. That also includes the inspiring people we interviewed over the last 1,5 year.

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Need some cheap therapy? Take a taxi in Buenos Aires

26th December 2013 by Sabine van Ditzhuijzen

This video presents a peculiar¬†specimen¬†that drives around the city all day long carrying not only locals, but their joys and their sorrows as well.¬†Matador Network¬†wrote about ‘our’ Jorge!

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I am Buenos Aires on national TV!

29th September 2013 by Emi van Tuyll

We would like to share with you our experience on national TV. Watch it here: I am Buenos Aires on C5N.

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